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Take control of your evening. Find the hottest nightclubs in real-time. Arrive in style and walk right in. It's that easy. Download the free Eve app today!


The Eve Experience

Eve provides you with a seamless end-to-end user experience.


Use our heat map to instantly identify active nightclub venues and easily navigate to the hottest party.

On-demand VIP

Browse through a list of the hottest nightclubs. Chose the right scene for you, start a mobile bar tab and receive automatic VIP access.

Get social with Eve

Stay connected to all the night club goers. Take a selfie and get noticed.


Add your credit card
Eve provides a safe and secure method of entering your credit card information. We don't keep your credit card on file. Eve payments are handled by a PCI compliant third party.
Pay with Eve
Order your drinks at the bar and let the bartender know you are paying with Eve.

VenueMeter™ Heat Map

Eve provides real-time insights into your city’s most happening nightlife using our proprietary VenueMeter™ system to instantly identify active nightclub venue.

Door Pass
Once you have purchased your bar tab, simply flash your pass at the door and start your evening.
Tab Value
Once you purchase a tab, you will be able to redeem the full value at the bar. Don't forget to tip. Enjoy responsibly.

How it works

Quick, simple and secure.


Why wait?

Start a mobile bar tab and receive automatic line bypass today.

Redeem your tab

Order at the bar and say you are paying with Eve.


Quick and Easy.

Confirm each charge from your phone and don't forget to tip.

'Really good UI and works so well. Makes it easy to find and get into a good club.'

Nick H, Brit+Co

'This is a great key to the city! I know what's happening at all the clubs when I want to go clubbing.'

Annie Henderson, Soulmate Inc.

'This is too good to be true.'

Emily Zhang, Indochino

Take it for a test drive. Download Eve today.

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