Introducing ShareCash

Share Products. Share Cash. Share Love.

ShareCash is a blockchain enabled stable-coin protocol which powers the ProductShare ecosystem. Earn rewards today by shopping, sharing, and participating in the community.

Reimagining Cashback Rewards to Better Serve The Community

About ProductShare

The purpose of ProductShare is to share the profit it generates equally between all of our Stakeholders
(Co-creators, Customers and Causes). With every purchase on ProductShare, ShareCash gets distributed equally.
Share Products

Share Products with friends and family on social media, and earn Cashback rewards when someone purchases the same product you’ve shared.

Share Cash

Rewards are paid out in ShareCash, which being a stable-coin, is 1-1 with USD and can be used to purchase products on ProductShare.

Share Love

Withdraw your ShareCash rewards to USD or send them to a friend or family member to use to purchase on the ProductShare marketplace!

ShareCash Features - How it Works

How It Works

Rediscover a stable-coin protocol that delivers on what it promises to be... stable
A stable-coin backed by actual cash reserves collected from purchases made on the ProductShare Marketplace.
ProductShare Marketplace

ProductShare is an e-commerce platform that rewards customers with cashback when they share products they've purchased on socials

ProductShare Protocol

The ProductShare Protocol makes it possible to pay out rewards by reserving 1/3 profit generated to be paid as cashback rewards.

Sharing Revenue

The purpose of ProductShare is to share the revenue with the community, which is why ShareCash will be distributed for rewwards

Stripe Integration

ShareCash is minted when a purchase is made on ProductShare. Every sale triggers the smart contract to mint more ShareCash/

Cashback Rewards

Once a purchase is made on ProductShare, ShareCash enables cashback rewards to be paid via smart contract to customer's wallet

Trustless Secrurity

ShareCash is only minted once a purchase is made on ProductShare. Therefore it's supply is always equal to ProductShare fiat reserves.

ProdutShare Team

Our Professionals

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What is StakeShare


StakeShare is the native Governance token of the ProductShare ecosystem and allows ProductShare to pay out significant Cashback rewards to users.

StakeShare tokens can be purchased and used to participate in the community through staking.

More information on staking is coming soon.

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